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September 9, 2012
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Aiko Emi Kato by RoninHunt0987 Aiko Emi Kato by RoninHunt0987
X3 heya Guys.. I has another Adoptable... =3 this time from my friend :iconkedingl:.. she is a three tailed Lil Girl fox and also very cute... anywho... This lil cutie is named Aiko Emi Kato.... X3 hehe... Ain't She Cute Ya guys.. :iconawwplz: go on Guys Admit it... She is cute, right.. X3 Right... anywho here is Her profile..

~Aiko Emi Kato's Profile~

Name: Aiko Emi Kato

Age: 3

Nickname(s): Lil Aiko

Gender: female

Species: Three Tailed Fox

Eye color: Red

Fur Color: White(tips of her tails, her furry tummy, Her Muzzle, and the tuffs of her ears), Gray(her fur) and Black(tips of her fingers and her tips of her paws)

Hair color: Gray

Clothes: White T-shirt and Green Skirt, No Shoes, Socks and Gloves(Barepawed)

Accessories: Green Ribbons(for her hair and three tails)

Weapons(new profile update): N/A

Signature Marks: N/A

Fun Fact: she loves Japanese anime, Japanese anime movies, Japanese Attire and also into the Japanese Culture, speaks only Japanese and also loves to swim and also very Close to his Adopted Grandfather Merrick because he Calls her Lil Miya and etc and also plays with her older sibling and siblings of her age and relatives, Also Loves the Singer Enya hence her theme song is Trains And Winter Rains by Enya plus Enya's Music Calms Her down a whole lot and also takes a nap and goes to sleep while Enya's Songs are playing on her I-pod(I-Home) Dock in Her Bedroom and also Potty trained

Powers: Wind and Water

favorite food: Japanese food and pizza

Fear: heights

Likes: Soccer, Take naps with her younger siblings at his age Video games, Karate and reading comic books and runs around barepawed whenever she is in the house

Hates: Eggman(long gone by the way and for your information because he was killed off on Episode 9 of M.E.G.A Chronicles 1) and Bullies

allergies: N/A

Birthday: April 23rd

Personality(X3 New profile additional update): Shy(around new people) and Outgoing(once she is used to everyone)

Crush: N/A(or unknown)

Best Friends: Katie The Rabbit(cream's lil kid sister) and Emi Selena Kiyoto(Rika's Lil Kid sister)

Theme Song: Trains And Winter Rains by Enya: [link]

Where she was adopted: Sugna City Orphanage(this is for the M.E.G.A Chronicles 2 Series only since i am done with the first M.E.G.A Chronicles series)

Adopted by: Juro Sesshomuru Kata(last name is now Kato) and Seiki Kiyoraka Kato

Parents: Juro Sesshomuru Kata(last name is now Kato)(dad) and Seiki Kiyoraka Kato(Mom)

Grandparents: Merrick(grandpa) and Kimiko(grandma)

Great Grandparents: Armagarro Hunter Kato(Great grandpa) and Yuna Ishiyama Kato(Great grandma)

Siblings: Leta Kiyoraka Kato, Liba Sarah Kato, Valkyrie Jun Kato, Tyra Juno Kato, Solveig Skuld Kato, Ashlotte Sasha Kato, Milly Tasha Kato, Princess Cheryl Tamiko Kato, Mayumi Sasha Kato, Chikako Emi Kato, Midnight Junko Kato, Kayo Yumi Kato, Kiku Aelita Kato, Miyuki Juno Kato, Meline Jun Kato, Kaitlyn Tamiko Kato, Minako Mika Kato, Sayuri Saki Kato, Akira Sasha Kato, Kiyoko Ruby Kato, Kiyomi Allyson Kato, Brad Eleric Kato, Reiko Melody Kato, Deana Sasha Kato, Francsis Markarth Kato, Mana Sasha Kato, Manami Selena Kato, Arisu Lena Kato, Asami Lara Kato, Miyako Skye Kato and Takeshi Flare Kato

Other Relatives: Juliet(Aunt)(C):iconsplashv3:, Stone(uncle)(C):iconbluespheree: Dustin Keding Kato, Daisuke Yomoko Kato, Seiki Kiyoraka Kato, Akahana Yoshi Kato, Chung-ae Kiyoka Kato, Yolanda Sarah Kato, Ruben Seraph Kato, Mika Ishiyama Kato, Miya Ruby Kato, Maasaki Sesshomuru Kato, Tsukiko Sonata Kato, Mike Seaira Kato, Marrissa Kiyoka Kato, Kiratchi Nomay Kato, Kiara Lexie Kato, Sarah Selena Kato, Molly Skye Kato, Lena Sarah Kato, Kazuko Selena Kato, Max Takashi Kato, Alice Selena Kato, Katrina Sesshomuru Kato, Katia Sarah Kato, Kenji Seraph Kato, Sakura Sango Kato, Mizuki Noriko Kato, Ella Sango Kato, Emiko Haruki Kato, Satoshi Sadeo Kato, Tamiko Ishiyama Kato, Chiharu Chiyoko Kato, Hachiro Sesshomuru Kato,Chiasa Tia Kato, Chika Mia Kato, Junko Kiyoraka Kato, Amaya Tanya Kato, Amaterasu Ishiyama Kato, Kiyoto Sarah Kato, Arlana Sasha Kato, Mallet Jeffery Kato, Marline Sarah Kato, Carbon Zell Kato, Bunko Ishiyama Kato, Etsuko Sarah Kato, Pinky Sarah Kato, Spike Selena Kato, Daiyu Ishiyama Kato, Lin Ishiyama Kato, Ling Jun Kato, Jia Juno Kato, Mingxia Yuna Kato, Atsushi Daichi Kato, Hisao Hitoshi Kato, Hiroko Hoshi Kato, Jiao Sasha Kato, Huian Miya Kato, Lara Loreena Kato, Jessica Sarah Kato, Alma Lisa Kato, Amethyst Ishiyama Kato, Ruby Sasha Kato, Airla Ruby Kato, Miranda Runa Kato, Kate Sakura Kato, Melody Skye Kato, Maiya Sasha Kato, Kazuki Kazuo Kato, Chinatsu Emi Kato and Kazuki Kazuo Kato, Lilly Tamiko Kato(C):iconroninhunt0987: and :iconnekoroko:(X3 Roko and I are sharing her), Jayden Armagarro Kato(C):iconxxjoshthecoonxx:, Lil Toshio Sesshomuru Kato, Jan Prower(C):iconbluegemfox:, Chett Starlie(C):iconbluegemfox:, Lief Starlie(C):iconmikestar33:, Hoshi Starlie(C):iconbluegemfox:, Jayde Erston(C):iconbluegemfox:, Sylala Erston(C):iconbluegemfox:, Jarree Erston(C):iconbluegemfox:, Keding Prower(C):iconkakanae:, Drake Kato(C):iconwoodrock96:, Bladerunner Yomoto Kato, Minox Hunter Kato, Ronin Hunt Kato, Bojin Hunt Kato, Dillan Hunt Kato, Misha Ishiyama Kato, Amber Ishiyama Kato, Matthew Mario Kato(C):iconmatthewkato95:, Ashley Potter(C):iconashleywolf259:, Nails Prower(C):iconsockerboy129:. Erik Kato(C):iconsockerboy129:, Legacy Caliber Kato(C):iconsockerboy129:, Reuben Kato(C):iconxxjoshthecoonxx:, Teruo Kato(C):iconxxjoshthecoonxx:, Akihiko Hunter Kato(C):iconxxjoshthecoonxx:, Flare(Kimiko's Older brother(C):iconxxjoshthecoonxx:, Tails(orange Tails) and Miles(brown Tails)(mainly called as the prower twins)(C):iconsegaplz: and Archie Comics, Rosemary Prower and Amadeus Prower(C):iconsegaplz: and Archie Comics, Seaira Prower and Faith Prower(C):icontheatombomb035:, and lots more..

Other info: Has Autism/Auspergers Syndrome/ADD, is very smart and loves to go barepawed when she is inside the house and also has a Light Japanese Accent and also potty trained

Picture Artwork(C):iconkedingl:

Aiko Emi Kato(C):iconroninhunt0987:

Link Source to the pic itself: [link]
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Zvoc47 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hehehe X3 cute paws ^w^ and also cute lookin' body l:3 mmmmm
RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
X3 hehe
Zvoc47 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would she like it if Lily cuddled her? X3
RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
X3 well Aiko is Lily's cousin, right??
Zvoc47 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
X3 hehe
Zvoc47 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
don't you think she should have been Lilly instead of Lily? The pronunciation of Lily is awful XD if you know what I hear
RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
X3 oops
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NovaTheFox Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Student Artist
VYUKCVUTDANJYBCR%QHFN^%NHBARNFCI*^XUNYGMVESNDGMZT^&35676725rfUICYFCK6UHGDN63TGd6h7k3dfntebhF5JN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
X3 thanks
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